Principal facts to know:

First Names: Ryan Frank Cabrera
Nicknames: Ry, Ryry, RC
Date of birth: July 18th 1982
Place of birth: Dallas, Texas
Current location: Los Angeles, California
Likes: Cookies, DVD's, Blu-Ray's, clothes, socks and Vans shoes.
Influences: The Beatles, Dave Matthews, Green Day, Queen, Bill Withers, Michael Jackson, Shakespeare, Beethoven
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Places: New York City, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Chicago and Seattle
Favorite Animal: Monkey
Others: Doesn't drink coffee, always loses his stuff and has about 25 tattoos

Full biography:

Ryan began to write songs when he was a teenager. In 8th grade, he decided to stop playing football and learn how to play the guitar. Ryan made his first steps into music when he was in high school in his first punk band: Caine. A band which only dured a night, according to him. A short time after, he heard some songs by Dave Matthews and realised that's the kind of music he wants to make so he left his electric guitar, bought an acoustic one and created his second band: Rubix Groove. He just wanted to play the guitar but he was thrown as singer then he became the leader of the band.
With the help of his older brother, Rubix Groove became one of the most famous bands in Dallas. While they were still in high school, they began to make real concerts, playing multiple shows a week in a lot of clubs. With all this fame, the band had the opportunity to share the stage with some big artists: Sister Hazel, Cheap Trick, Third Eye Blind and Ben Harper. But when Ryan's brother brought him to a studio for his birthday, things totally changed!

In Summer 2001, Ryan took a break from touring with his band because he wanted to record his own album. And while Ryan was recording a song, the owner of the studios Deep Ellum Studios heard Ryan and decided to let him record his whole album for free! So Ryan spent long days and nights working on all the songs, and he played almost all of the instruments we can hear on this record. And his hard work was worth it! He released "Elm St" late 2001 and about 1,000 copies of it got sold in Dallas and on some online stores. "Elm St" is almost impossible to find now. Because of the success of his album, Ryan decided to really focus on music and to drop out of the university of Texas.

Later he had an audition with Linda Septien, a respected vocal coach from Dallas, she also was a coach of Jessica Simpson at that time. He had an intense trainning during 2 years. Early 2003, Joe Simpson recognized Ryan's talent and immediately signed him to his management company JT Entertainment and became his manager. And a few months later, he finally got the chance to sign a record deal with Atlantic Records. The writing process of his second album "Take It All Away" began.

Ryan chose to co-produce his album with John Rzeznik, member of the band Goo Goo Dolls. After recording a few songs, Ryan started touring with Jessica Simpson and his album got released in 2004. It had a huge success since it has been certified double platinum early 2005 and reached the 8th position in the Billboard 200. Then Ryan's national tour ended and he started working on his 3rd album "You Stand Watching". An album that he decided to produce by himself. And late 2005, "You Stand Watching" came out. The album was really great but there was no real promo from the record company and the tour was too short so it didn't get the same success as the previous one. But the album ended being certified gold.

In 2005, Ryan hosted a dating show on MTV called "Score", which was a big hit according to the channel, but it didn't get renewed for a second season. And Ryan released two DVD's: "Live At The Wiltern" and "Behind The Scenes". Then he released a calendar, notebooks, folders and even a jewelry line available in Claire's stores.
In 2006, he shot a movie entitled "My Sexiest Year" with Frankie Muniz and Haylie Duff, and shot the pilot of a tv show entitled "Grand Stand". But the movie has never been released and show has never been aired... Later, he wrote the song "I Will Remember You" which has been used for the final episode of the show "Will & Grace" but Ryan has also been asked to perform it on "So You Think You Can Dance" season final. This song was a big hit so he decided to release it in digital and recorded a new version for his next album.

In 2007, Ryan left Atlantic Records, created his own label "Frolic Room Records" but stayed managed by Joe Simpson. From January 2008 to March 2008, Ryan did a big radio tour to promote the first single of this album: "Say" and talk about the new album "The Moon Under Water". Ryan was finally back and shocked everyone with his new sound and unexpected new look. Each of his radio interviews was followed by an in-studio performance and a signing session. He toured about 60 radio stations in less than two months, sometimes from 3 to 5 radio stations per day. In May 2008, "The Moon Under Water" came out. He worked with Leah Haywood and Daniel James on this album. He spent two years to write and record it. But it only reached the 177th position in the Billboard 200. 10,000 physical copies were sold and about 7,000 in digital.

Since 2009, Ryan is working on his next album which is coming out late 2011. More details soon.